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At PPI Tax Refund Plus we’ll help you recover any wrongly charged PPI tax on your original (successful) PPI claim. Our team will navigate the complex process for you and claim on your behalf any additional compensation you may be entitled to.

If you were a victim of the PPI scandal, were mis-sold PPI and subsequently received compensation, you may be entitled to a PPI tax refund. This refund compensates you for the tax you may have paid on the original compensation you received.

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Could You Be Owed a Tax Refund on Your PPI Compensation?

We’ll help you obtain the cash owed to you through a tax refund on your PPI payment. Our team of skilled PPI tax refund specialists has a proven track record of assisting numerous individuals in claiming their refunds efficiently and successfully. With our expertise and dedication, we can guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the full refund that you’re entitled to. Don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve – contact us today and let us help you claim your PPI tax refund.

No Win No Fee

Complimentary advice and no-win, no-fee claims – we’re here to help you with your PPI tax refund. Our team of experts provides friendly, expert, and straightforward guidance to make the process as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to get started.

Long Track Record

Use the services of a company which has secured thousands of successful PPI claims. The team here are committed to excellence and dedicated to delivering wins for our clients. Don’t miss out on cash which you may be owed. Contact us now to get started.


We’re passionate about providing accessible assistance with your friendly and experienced claims team. Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer care and expert advice. Contact us today for personalized solutions to your PPI tax refund needs.

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We’ve helped victims of PPI misselling reclaim over £10 Million. Put our experience to use starting today.

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We handle all the legwork. Let us take all the headache out of getting your refund.

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We will do our utmost provide maximum value to you.

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I am very satisfied with the way PPI Tax Refund Plus handled my claim. I got my overpaid tax back. Mrs G. N. Swansea.

The staff were brilliant throughout. Jenny was especially outstanding. Thank you all so much! Mr D. P. Peterborough.

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